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Home Birth

A typical midwifery home birth service includes comprehensive prenatal care, personalized birth planning, continuous active labor support, and in-home*  postpartum care. Midwives provide monitoring of maternal and fetal well-being, assistance with natural pain management techniques, guidance on optimal positioning for birth, and respectful support for the birthing person's choices. They also provide newborn assessments, lactation support, and emotional support during the postpartum period. The midwives prioritize safety and maintain a network of medical professionals for consultation or transfer if necessary.

Prenatal Visits are primarily in our clinical office location, with 90 minutes allocated for the initial visit, and 60 minutes for each visit afterward.  The typical schedule is as follows

Prenatal visits 8-28 weeks once per month

Prenatal visits 28-36 weeks twice per month

36 week visit (in-home visit)

36 week - delivery once weekly

Day after birth in-home postpartum care

3rd day after birth in-home postpartum care

5-7 day after birth in-home postpartum care

2 week in office postpartum care

6-8 week in office postpartum care

  • Most lab work is done in our clinical offices

  • Early Dating ultrasound in the office is offered

  • An anatomy scan is offered but referred out

  • Birth Pool is provided for in-home labor/water birth

  • CCHD & Newborn Metabolic Screening are offered 

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